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Interview with Peter Boiadzhieff

I wanted to do many things, when I was young, but I can’t because … that is not important, I do not want to make my story the same as others. Anyway, I still feel young even I am getting older, someone said the age is just a number. Let’s get to the point, what inspire me to make the film is a dream that I had long time back … I was sitting on front of my old house and a brand-new Ferrari will pass by full with young people who are having fun, and I asked my grandmother, who are those people. She answered whispering they are the rich people. At that time, I wanted to be like those people. In other words I wanted to be rich and untouchable and the person who makes the rules, not one that following them. Well for making the “Braaking Newz” I was inspired of one old movie that I watched on my black tv in old days. I really love comedy, but my comedy was just few minutes. I decided to add two additional characters like Lorra and Anna to my comedy. They are perfectly for the roles and did outstanding job. This how the movie has been born. You must watch the movie it is on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on demand.
There are many challenging aspects like finding the right location, funding the film, advertising you film, but for me the most challenging aspect was the casting the actors. The casting is not easy, you are trying to find the right person and then he, or she quits and you need to replace them with someone else, re-write the script to fit the new person personality However, this is part of the process working as Indy filmmaker with low or no budget sometimes the things are getting strange, but when you use your imagination and creativity you would be surprise what results cab be achieved. Simply, do not give up because you actors do not show up, keep going and you might find a better one that value you script and ideas than the quitters.
I am not working for any media, I am self-funding my films and I am working for fun and entertainment to fulfill my ego. I wanted to make films since I was 10 years old, I really love film making, when you begin with the idea, just few sentences that does not make any sense, the script is born. You cast few actors, begin filming, edit the film and published online. The filming is giving me a freedom that I do not have in real live. You can do anything, only if “they” let you. Who are “they” this is another story … One of my first project was creating a short film for “Incline Railway of Chattanooga Tennessee”. The project had just two people and no dialogue, I was performing multiple roles, as camera man, location manager, and director. It is not perfect, but I am very proud of if you can watch it here:

As I mention in the previous question the casting was my difficult area. I joined acting class and asked actors to join my project, but they rejected me and had the nerve to tell me when I got famous and had millions of dollars to contact them. Well, what I can say, sure I will do that when I am famous and rich. I posted advertisement online and got multiple responses and able to cast one of the actors and another one I got from another film project that I was helping on the set. However, no one expected that we could had several nominations from film festivals and compared to the famous film “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” with Sacha Baron and the show like “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver.

To be honest I surprised myself, too. The most challenging aspect was adapting the script to the new actor, because the other actor dropped off, also performing multiple roles on the set. As Indy film maker I am enjoying performing multiple roles on the set.
My favorite genre is comedy, but I really interested to do mystery and science fiction. The true story film is very predictable. I love to make audience guessing what will be next, keeping them on the edge of seat. My dream genres that I love to work is love drama where the bad guys always win, I am just not a fan of true happy ending!

The cinema had a great impact on the world, for example all new innovations are created from the movies that no one thinks it is possible to be done, unless someone done it already. Maybe you want to know what impact my films will make on the world, I am not quite sure, this is not my goal, but I need to think from now. I might be making something for the world not quite sure, but let the future decide.
Only thing what I can say for now, I want to make some of actors’ dreams come true like I am making my dream coming true making just great films, lets the audience be the judge.
I am not sure had several projects in post productions. I might need to finish my music video that I wanted to do few years ago and did not find time to finished, it called “I was a gangster, but here I am a hamster”.