Braaking Newz

Braaking Newz movie will make you laugh, it has a unique style of comedy. Peter is prolific director and writer and his style of comedy is sardonic and insightful, and a unique blend of dry humor and wackiness. The movie obvious comparison is with Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.
His directing style seems designed to keep the audience off kilter, with long pauses where we wouldn’t expect them, and unusual cuts between scenes. Shaina McLawrence and Moli Hall, who play Lorra and Anna respectively, do a great job as anchors. A lot of their banter seems completely natural and, one suspects, may even have been partly improvised.

The film has been making the rounds of film festivals all over the world, and has been gaining recognition. Peter Boiadzhieff won Best Supporting Actor for the film, by Golden State Film Festival, Los Angeles on March 2021.

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Best Comedy Film, Award Winner among 1060 films, December 2021 by Gully International Film Festival, Bihar Patna, India
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The Reporter from Ocoee with Love

The Reporter is one of the greatest characters where Kriss Boiadzhieff delivers the news in his own way, he has a dream to make the best rafting experience for everyone. Oh GOD he did it, he is rafting since 2013 and planning to become a raft guide but he is still afraid to do it. You are going to see amazing rafting and helicopter footage, the guest star Sonya Suares Alonzo playing as Sonya Fernanddez, and special appearance of the real Big Foot, snow beast, Sasquatch you named.

Rafting with Alex Trailer

Rafting with Alex Trailer

The Secret Project 53

A secret experiment of how to manipulate people using a love letter, called Rokamboll. It is the perfect weapon, those secret experiments went out of control.
The love is the perfect weapon that can be used to manipulate the people and Rokamboll was activated. Finally, Rebekka the wife realized that the perfect weapon is her husband Bruce that turn out to have a secret life.

Who is Rokamboll and what it is Rokamboll? Nobody knew till now. Bruce wrote the love letter long time ago. Is he the secret project Rokamboll? Watch the video to find out.
I am writing to you, because I love you ...

Publication at LA Indies Magazine
I wanted to do many things, when I was young, but I can’t because, that is not important, I do not want to make my story the same as others
Incredible Rafting Trip
It was a wonderful Sunday morning, the sun was about to show up in my yard located in the small village Marietta, the birds are singing

Comedy Sketches with Peter Boiadzhieff

He is from Bulgaria and moved to Atlanta Georgia 10 years, ago. The most of the comedy is performed in The Punchline Atlanta Comedy Club at live audience at graduation night!
He is not a famous person, but he has a big dream, to be on Conan O'Brien show ... In Atlanta the dreams come true at The Punchline Atlanta's Best Comedy Club. I love America, here if you dream big anything is possible.

Nominated as Finalist
in competition by The Los Angeles Theatrical Release Competition & Awards

Rafting Middle Ocoee River

Ocoee Tennessee is the best place for you next vacation. Also, you can hike, fish, camp, and it is famous for the white-water rafting. The middle section includes 5 miles of rafting in the water and upper section, called Olympic one, that is up to 10 miles. Rapids are from level 4 to 1.
It is located almost 100 miles from Atlanta Georgia 2 hours derive from 75 then going on 411 and from Chattanooga TN it is around 42 miles. It has three dams and there under control by TVA.

The rapids have names and I will describe just few of them like Grumpy, Gonzo Shoals, Table saw where the whole river is going in one tinny section and the most exciting and also dangerous rapid following by Diamond Splitter and finishing with the Power house.

Latest News
"The Reporter from Ocoee with Love" is award winner by Experimental Film Festival Barcelona
Official Selection
"The Reporter from Ocoee with Love" was nominated as Official Selection by Western Canadian International Film Festival
Finalist, Best Experimental film
Art Film Awards nominated "The Reporter from Ocoee with Love" as Finalist in category best Experimental film
Finalist, Best Experimental film
Bluez Dolphins International Festival nominated "The Reporter from Ocoee with Love" as Finalist in category best Experimental film

My Flower Love Story

The world that you knowed have ended, but he still had his flower. It was a small, with green leaves that he had found in his lovely garden. He had watered it every day with the precious drops he collected from the rain. He had protected it from the scavengers and the raiders who roamed the streets. He had talked to it, sang to it, and prayed to it. It was his only friend, his only hope, his only reason to live.

The Reporter from Chattanooga with Love
“The Reporter from Chattanooga with Love” is monthly award winner by Star Hollywood Awards, Los Angeles, California in category short film.
The Reporter from Chattanooga with Love
Our film project “The Reporter from Chattanooga with Love” is monthly award winner by Paris Indie Film Awards in category short film.

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